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This web site is a compilation of information on a wide variety of topics on life after death (the afterlife). You will find information about…

  • Death and dying
  • What happens when you die
  • Reincarnation
  • Proof of heaven
  • Suicide and the afterlife

Numerous other topics about death, dying and communication with those that have died are also presented. In addition, concepts relating to a soul's life here on earth are covered in order to help you answer the age-old question of "What is the meaning of life?"

Using the questions asked on Afterlife101.com as a starting point, research was conducted using writings from respected authors like Michael Newton, Allan Kardec, Jane Roberts (Seth) and others. The results of the investigations currently reveal 94.4% agreement on a variety of very specific afterlife topic areas.

Currently, this web site contains the largest correlation of spirit communications about life after death, all from respected sources that are readily available for your perusal. You are invited to read through the information presented, explore the various sources used and consider other sources to learn more. In addition, you may want to wander through our companion web site AfterlifeLibrary.com.

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Explore Information on Life After Death

Explore the 265 life after death topic questions by using the Sections page or by clicking on one of the general sections below. If you want to explore personal evidence of life after death through participation in our worldwide research project, visit our Voices Across The Veil program.

Latest Data Updates

  • We have begun adding material from Denise Lescano's book, The Messenger, to the sources of various topics.
  • Robert Crookall quotes from The Supreme Adventure have been added to a variety of topics (not complete, but over 140 quotes assigned)

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What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of the spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.

—Chief Seattle