Afterlife Research Issues

Our research on afterlife (life after death) issues found on this site covers a wide spectrum of topics. Once we completed the first round of research, we realized that although there was a high percentage of correlation, currently 94.5%, there were some disagreements across sources. Each quote we extracted was compared with each of 265 Key Findings from Afterlife 101. When correlation was achieved, agreement was indicated. This page and it's associated pages are concerned with those cases where:

  • one or more disagreements were associated with a Key Finding or
  • no Key Findings seemed to be related to the quote.


There are currently some Key Findings with one or more disagreements from quotes. To help in the study of each of these, we show the Key Finding, associated text of Afterlife101, and source quote agreements and disagreements. You may access each of these at the end of this page.

We began a process of seeking Afterlife 101 spirit guide commentary on these areas of disagreement. It soon became clear that the spirit guides would either restate their previous message or indicate that the area of disagreement was beyond their base of knowledge. Accordingly, we agreed to suspend their commentary. We are going to pursue resolution of these differences through the use of additional published sources of channeled information and between life regression findings. If our new findings tend to weigh in more heavily in one direction or the other, we call it "Resolved," update our data, and let you be the judge. We encourage anyone to contact us with any new, credible information.

Status of Key Findings

Open Issues — Still formulating questions that will be asked.
Pending Issues — Questions are established and we are searching for answers.
Resolved Issues — The issue has been completed with additional spirit guide commentary and/or source information.

Death Experience for AdultsOpen: divider Pending: divider Resolved: 3

Death Experience for ChildrenOpen: divider Pending: divider Resolved: 1

Transformation from Human to SpiritOpen: divider Pending: 1 divider Resolved: 5

The AfterlifeOpen: 2 divider Pending: 6 divider Resolved: 10

ReincarnationOpen: 1 divider Pending: 2 divider Resolved: 4

Life on EarthOpen: divider Pending: 4 divider Resolved: 10

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We will take these into consideration for future research.

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