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The Afterlife

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsYou tend to share your primary spiritual family with those who have the same type of creative energies that you do and thus there are many secondary families in that consciousness level who have different creative energies but the same spiritual energies.

AgreeWhen people in trance speak of being part of a soul cluster group, they are talking about a small primary unit of entities who have direct and frequent contact, such as we would see in a human family. Peer members have a sensitivity to each other which is far beyond our conception on Earth...Members of the same cluster group are closely united for all eternity. These tightly-knit clusters are often composed of like-minded souls with common objectives which they continually work out with each other. Usually they choose lives together as relatives and close friends during their incarnations on Earth.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 87-88, 1996

AgreeSecondary groups of souls are arranged in the form of a community support group which is much less initimate with one another. Larger secondary groups of entities are made up of giant sets of primary clusters as lily pads in one pond. I have never heard of a secondary group estimated at less than a thousand souls.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 87-88, 1996

AgreeI want to summarize what I have learned about the basic principles of soul group assignments: There appears to be a systematic selection procedure for homogeneous groupings of souls. Similarities of ego, cognitive awareness, expression, and desire are all considerations.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 105-106, 1996

AgreeIn the spirit world, educational placement depends on the level of soul development....all highly advanced souls are old souls in terms of both knowledge and experience...Generally, the composition of a group of souls is made up of beings at about the same level of advancement, although they have their individual strengths and shortcomings.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 5, 2003

AgreeNow in this time of choosing [between life state] all of these matters are considered, and suitable preparations made, but the planning itself is all a part of experience and of development. The in-between existence, therefore, is every bit as important as the period that is chosen. You learn to plan your existence, in other words. You also make friends and acquaintances in these rest periods whom you meet again and again - and only, perhaps, during in-between existences. With them you may discuss your experience during reincarnational cycles. These are like old friends.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 155-156, 1994

AgreeTransitions vary so greatly in their circumstances that we find it to be of first rate advantage if we meet, fairly frequently, all those who are connected with our own group, to discuss our individual experiences and to exchange and compare notes. It increases our knowledge prodigiously, and provides us with invaluable information upon which we can base any future action of our own when similar circumstances present themselves. Such meetings take place over a wide area of these realms?it is not an original and exclusive idea of our own! Our meeting-place varies as we each take it in turn to act as host or chairman to our companions, just as so many small society meetings are conducted upon earth.

Heaven and Earth, Anthony Borgia
pg. 1, 1948 Source

The readiness to initiate the journey cannot be forced nor can people be faulted if it has not occurred in them as yet. The level of consciousness has to have advanced to the stage where such an intention would be meaningful and attractive.

—David R. Hawkins