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The Afterlife

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsA spirit will not be destroyed. Some spirits may have a very low level of consciousness and be unable to evolve spiritually despite many earth lives. They may remain in heaven in that low level without further return to earth.

AgreeAll my case work with the spirits of my subjects has convinced me there is no residence of terrible suffering for souls, except on Earth. I am told all souls go to one spirit world after death where everyone is treated with patience and love. However, I have learned that certain souls do undergo separation in the spirit world, and this happens at the tme of their orientation with guides. They are not activated along the same travel routes as other souls. Those of my subjects who have been impeded by evil report that souls whose influence was too weak to turn aside a human impulse to harm others will go into seclusion upon reentering the spirit world. These souls don't appear to mix with other entities in the conventional manner for quite a while.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 49, 1996

AgreeThe returning energy of some souls will not be sent back into their soul group right away. These are the souls who were contaminated by their physical bodies and became involved with evil acts. Those souls who have been associated with evil are taken to special centers which some clients call "intensive care units"..if their actions were prolonged and especially cruel over a number of lives, this would denote a pattern of wrongful behaviour. A guiding principle in the spirit world is that wrongdoing, intentional or unintentional, on the part of all souls will need to be redressed in some form in a future life. This is not considered punishment or even penance as much as an oppportunity for karmic growth.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 3, 2003

AgreeBut according to Seth, no individuality is ever lost. It is always in existence. The tricky point here is that the self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance. Our individual consciousness grows, and out of its experience it forms different personalities or fragments of itself. These fragments...are entirely independent as to action and decision, yet the inner psychic components are constantly in communication with the whole self of which they are part. These fragments themselves grow, develop, and may form their own entities or personality gestalts - or, if you prefer, whole souls.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 212, 2001

Agree The actual process of physical death must be undertaken alone, and in this sense it is a solitary business. But as soon as the spirit body is free then we can begin. So far I have been speaking of people who are destined for the bright realms of the spirit world. Equally, assistance is offered to those whose lives on earth have brought them to the dark realms. It is a safe rule to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution does so unattended. There is always someone there. But in so many cases we are prevented from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness. Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan it into something more resembling a flame. (from channeled spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson)

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chap2, 1968 Source

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