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Death Experience for Adults

Crossing over from long term illness Agree: 11 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsThose that are crossing over from a long term illness often are out of their bodies watching all the experiences going on around them and have guides and teachers and angels with them as well. This process could take place in earth time for several days.

Agree...a soul may inhabit a comatose host body for many years and not abandon it until death. These souls are able to roam freely across the land visiting other souls who might be making brief trips away from their bodies during normal sleep states.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 79, 2003

AgreeIn many cases of senility, for example, the strongly organized portions of personality have already left the body, and are meeting new circumstances.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 119, 1994

AgreeTo understand the illusion of loss while in body is to understand in an expanded way the impossibility of loss in spirit. We are never without our loved ones, and they are never without us. When her lifetime is complete, Valerie, having felt apparent loss and seeming impermanence to her very core, will return to spirit and share with Dustin and D.C. a new and more profound appreciation for the permanence of their lives and love.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 240, 2007

AgreeShe is in the process of transferring herself to the new location. There have been guides to help her...Shortly, training periods will begin. She has already begun a new life, therefore [Seth does not mean another physical life here, of course], though her experience is being monitored to some degree by guides. She sees herself supported in a religious sense by conventional figures from the Bible. These personalities will explain the nature of reality to her in vocabulary that will make sense to her...I have appeared to her as a very gentle John of the Disciples, and spoken with her. This is not trickery, but a method of helping that she can accept. It is not unusual for those trying to help to assume such comforting forms and images.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 142-143, 2001

AgreeAccording to Seth, each case of senility is different, but generally speaking, the personality transfers the vital parts of consciousness in the next area of existence, and is often fully aware there, and functioning. Gradually the personality's mental focus leaves this life and begins to operate entirely on another level.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 172, 2001

AgreeAnother stated: "Death, which seems so painful to those who watch it, is not painful to us; no more painful than the convulsions of the medium to her when trance is coming on. The soul, in both cases, is cast out of the body: the action of the body is merely a reflex action. The soul can actually look at the body as it dies."

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 21, 1974 Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsAt the end of their lives, some individuals hold on and fight to stay alive because of fear and guilt.

AgreeThere may or may not be disorientation on your part, according to your beliefs and development. The intellect should go hand in hand with the emotions and intuitions, but if it pulls against these too strongly, difficulties can arise when the newly freed consciousness seizes upon its ideas about reality after death, rather than facing the particular reality in which it finds itself. It can deny feeling, in other words, and even attempt to argue itself out of its present independence from the body. Again, as mentioned earlier, an individual can be so certain that death is the end of all, that oblivion, though temporary , results.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 123, 1994

AgreeNow it is possible for an individual who has died to completely misinterpret the experience and attempt to reenter the corpse. This can happen when the personality identified himself almost exclusively with the physical image. It is not common. But nevertheless, under various circumstances such individuals will attempt to reactivate the physical mechanism, becoming more panicstricken when they discover the body's condition. Some, for example, have wept over the corpse long after the mourners have left, not realizing that they themselves are completely whole - where, for example, the body may have been ill or the organs beyond repair.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 130, 1994

Agree...before death the same applies, where some individuals remove their focus from physical life, leaving the body consciousness alone. Others stay with the body until the last moment.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 195, 1994

AgreeSuch is the state of spiritual enlightenment of the earth that in many cases these folk are completely unaware that they have died. That means simply that they have never ceased to live there has been an unbroken continuity of life for them, as indeed there is for all of us. This situation frequently arises among people who pass into the spirit world suddenly and perhaps without warning. Their lack of knowledge of conditions existing in the spirit world produces this state of bewilderment, and if there is added to that ignorance also the fact that, during their earthly life, they never gave any heed to a future life in the spirit world, then their situation becomes a doubly unhappy one. But there is in the spirit world a vast organization of all its immense resources, and it must not be thought that these bewildered souls are left to shift for themselves. They are soon taken in hand by others long resident in spirit lands?as you judge time?who devote their spirit lives to such work. Our task is often a difficult one because it is not always easy for the soul to grasp what has happened. The mental equipment of the individual may cause a reluctance to accept the truth. On the other hand, those who are mentally alert will soon see for themselves the exact situation. If only knowledge of the laws and conditions of spirit life were universally diffused throughout the earth world, what a wealth of difference it would make to each soul as he came to reside in these lands.

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chap1, 1968

AgreeThe airman son of Mrs. Rhys Davids, whose plane was hit, communicated and assured her that he had had no pain in dying. On the basis of numerous communications which she subsequently received from those who suffered enforced transition, Mrs. Davids said: "Even when death has been apparently less instantaneous, as in drowning, in hanging, in burning, etc., I have been told the same: they felt no struggle nor any pain." She added, "It would appear that, when the summons has come, the 'man' is not left in the body to wrestle for life but is emerging from it, leaving the struggle a purely mechanical one. The struggle by the 'man' takes place only when the period of death is to be warded off" (The information received by Mrs. Davids agrees with individual descriptions of death by drowning, etc., examined by the present writer and exemplified in the Third Part of this book: one person said, "I had no feeling of distress once I had given up the struggle...") (Mrs. Rhys Davids, What is Your Will?, pg 169)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 29, 1974 Source

We all labour against our own cure, for death is the cure of all diseases.