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Life on Earth

Children with extreme physical and mental disabilities Agree: 2 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsTo those children who come to earth who are suffering from extreme physical and mental disabilities, they have made that choice. Though they will appear to be extremely mentally and physically disabled, there is another part within them that is moving forward at a very high evolutionary experience.

AgreeQuestion 371: Is there any truth to the belief that the souls of the mentally handicapped are inferior to those people who have normal mental ability? Answer: No. They have human souls that are often more intelligent than you suppose- souls that suffer acutely from their inability to make themselves understood, just as the mute suffer from their inability to speak.

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 163, 2003

AgreeHandicaps are chosen by souls because it gives them opportunities they would not normally have, replied the spirit guide. Sometimes, it gives souls a different way to learn the same lesson they've been working on [in previous lives]. Often it is [chosen as] a challenge to the caretaker to show compassion, mercy, and love. Souls choose to honor other souls by making themselves the vehicle through which they can be born. They choose to care for those souls by allowing them, the handicapped children, to live this life as they wished-less involved in the ordinary, everyday functions of life. It is a unique opportunity for the handicapped child, and it is an opportunity for the parent to show love. These agreements are made out of love.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 98, 2007 Source

For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.

—William Penn