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Life on Earth

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsSpirits never live parallel lives on earth simultaneously.

AgreeMost of my colleagues who work with past life clients have listened to overlapping time chronologies from people living on Earth in two places at once...What we must appreciate is, if our souls are all part of one great oversoul energy force which divides, or extends itself to create our souls, then why shouldn't the offspring of this intelligent soul energy have the same capacity to detach and then recombine?

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 155, 1996

AgreeQuestion 92. Do spirits have the gift of omnipresence? In other words, can a spirit divide itself or exist at several points of space at the same time? Answer: No. A spirit cannot experience self-division.

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 66, 2003

AgreeQuestion 137. Can the same spirit incarnate itself in two different bodies at the same time? Answer: No, the spirit is indivisible and cannot animate two different bodies simultaneously.

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 51, 2003

AgreeThe energy of the soul is able to divide into identical parts, similar to a hologram. It may live parallel lives in other bodies although this is much less common than we read about. However, because of the dual capability of all souls, part of our light energy always remains behind in the spirit world.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. , 2003

AgreeMany people feel it is common for souls to live parallel lives. I have found this not to be true at all. The souls who choose to split into two or more bodies within the same general time frame on Earth want to accelerate their learning.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. , 2003

AgreeCan a soul have two or more incarnations at the same time?....they were unanimous that it is indeed possible....They were also unanimous that this is usually done in an attempt to accelerate the learning process by working on two life issues at once....Most of our sources who were asked how commonly this option is used seemed to suggest that it was rare.

The Wisdom of the Soul: Profound Insights from the Life between Lives, Ian Lawton
pg. , 2007

AgreeQuestion: You said that some personalities can be a part of more than one entity? Answer: There are not boundaries to the self, and no barriers put upon its development. A personality may originally be part of a given entity, and on its own develop interests quite different. It can on its own take a lonely way, or it can instead attach itself or gravitate toward other entities with interests like its own. The original connection will not be severed, but new ones made and formed.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. , 1994 Source

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