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Death Experience for Adults

Spirit travel on or after death Agree: 11 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsAfter death, a spirit will often stay around earth until after the memorial services and their immediate loved ones have gone back into their normal way of life, will keep their earth bound connections, and will visit their homes and their loved ones.

AgreeQuestion 327: Do spirits ever attend their own funerals? Answer: Very Often. But in cases where they are still in the state of bewilderment that follows death, they do not understand what is going on.

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 154, 2003

AgreeQuestion 328: Is a spirit ever present at meetings of its heirs? Answer: Almost always. Providence offers such occasions as learning experiences and for the spirit to reassess its views. The spirit is able then to determine what the declarations of affection and devotion it heard during life were really worth....

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 154, 2003

Agree...souls often have little interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead...However, many other souls want to hover around the place where they died for a few Earth days, usually until after their funerals.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 13, 1996

Agree...there is one basic reason for many spirits not wanting to immediately leave the place of their physical death. This comes from a desire to mentally reach out to comfoft loved ones before progressing further into the spirit world.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 14, 1996

AgreeThere are souls who choose to remain at the scene of their death for a while. Discarnates who choose to comfort someone who is grieving, or have other reasons to stay near the place of their death for a while, experience no sense of time loss.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 1, 2003

AgreeIn many cases, immediately on leaving the body there is, of course, amazement and a recognition of the situation. The body itself may be viewed, for example, and many funerals have a guest of honor amidst the company - and no one gazes in the face of the corpse with as much curiosity and wonder.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 123, 1994

AgreeThe spirit body may take some days of your time before it becomes completely separated from the earthly body, and it may be hindered very much by the combined thoughts of the sorrowers who are participants in the dismal rites. Instead of departing from the earthly sphere, the discarnate one will be attracted to the scene of obsequial activities, and more than likely will be saddened himself by what he is witnessing and by the sorrow of those he has left behind. He will feel a heavy weight within him of the separation that has come about, and perhaps being ignorant of what has befallen him, he will be doubly distressed, and even trebly distressed by the fact that he speaks to his friends but they cannot hear him. And how great a difference a little knowledge would make! (from channeled spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson)

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chapt1, 1968

Agree"There was a crash and a blackness. It was not really pain as most people think of pain-a rending crash and then gone...I lay quiet and pictures came before me of myself as a little boy...Then I saw a car coming. I saw it brake and push something along the road. I looked, and it was my body. I looked at myself and saw my own body [double] seeming quite real and solid...Suddenly I saw Grandpapa, standing smiling all lit up, and knew I was killed. I said at once, 'Then mother was right-I have got an etheric body!' I felt terribly muddled and confused. Then came the thought of I began to walk along the road...You opened the window and called, but did not see me. Yet I could see what you were thinking-how frightened you were! Suddenly I remembered what you said-that spirits can go through matter. I said, 'Here goes! and ran at the door-and passed right through it. I tried it two or three times...I shall be at the funeral tomorrow...I am still mixed up with the earth." (Alice Gilbert, Philip in Two Worlds, 1948, pg 89)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 24, 1974

AgreeI went out suddenly, in full strength, consequently it did not take long for me to awaken...The shock was terrible...I was at home in my father's house as much as ever I was. I heard every word uttered, saw the sadness, and, as it were, lived it. I could not make myself known. (Dr. Hereward Carrington, Psychical Phenomena and the War, 1918, p 23)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 27, 1974

Agree"He is telling me that he was at the house with you when the sheriff came and knocked on the door."

The Messenger, Denise Lescano
pg. 75, 2014

Agree"Well, when I was waiting at home for my son to pick me up, I was sitting with Paul's picture in my hands on the couch and I asked out loud to Paul, I said, "Paul, if it really you tonight, then I want you tell that very same story about you and your brother. That is just incredible, absolutely amazing!!! I cannot believe he came through with that. Wow!" Paul knew his brother and mom were suffering greatly and struggling to come to terms with his sudden and tragic passing. He also knew that they needed proof, especially his brother, to be able to believe that it was really him and he did a great job in bringing through things that only they would have known. Paul also proved to them that night that he was, in no uncertain terms, alive and well and still carried with him the same great charm and sense of humor he had in his life. He also showed them that he was still around them by bringing through the things they asked him too and talking about things that had happened with their business that occurred after his passing...That night changed the way they viewed his life and death, and his life after death. For they know now, that he is indeed alive and well and never really far away and all they have to do is think of him and he is there with them.

The Messenger, Denise Lescano
pg. 74-75, 2014 Source

As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can't see how it is.

—Ram Dass