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Life on Earth

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsOn rare occasions, a spirit can replace a spirit in a body with that spirit's agreement to be replaced. This is called a walkin.

AgreeAnd my guides just showed me that sometimes a soul will stage a walk-in. Sometimes, it is an opportunity for a different soul to walk in [to the body] and let the original soul walk out. A detailed discussion of walk-ins is beyond the scope of this book, but it is indeed a real phenomenon. When a soul concludes either that it has learned or will never be able to learn all that had been sought in a particular lifetime, the soul can walk out of the body, meaning that it withdraws its energy from the physical form. Generally, withdrawal of energy results in the death of the body. If, however, another soul feels that its learning is best served by starting an incarnation later in life rather than as a newborn, it can choose to walk into that body. In this way, an exchange takes place.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 266, 2007

AgreeD: Have you ever heard the term walk-ins? S: that is correct. D: Can you explain that for me? S: As we mentioned earlier, there are more souls waiting to incarnate than there are bodies to accommodate them. Sometimes there comes a time in an individual's life when he finds that he truly no longer wishes to be in the physical. He has reached a point where the physical weights and cares have dragged the soul to a level from which it cannot sustain itself. And so the individual is given the option to pass over to the other side. There is then made available the opportunity for an individual on the spirit side to come and inhabit that body. So there would be a mutual exchange of places, so to say. This is very beneficial for both. For you can see the original soul is released to his true home. And that individual on the spirit side is then allowed a vehicle on which to work karma.

Between Death & Life: Conversations with a Spirit, Dolores Cannon
pg. 222-223, 1993

AgreeThe Guides began to write: The so-called Walk-ins are superior souls who have gone on after many earthly lives, and some of them need not return but are doing so in order to help others. They wish to avoid returning as babies, and enduring the childhood state in which valuable time would be wasted, so they do indeed take over, with permission, the bodies of discouraged or willing souls who are ready to depart. Some are able to go directly to the purpose of their earthly return and have become philosophers and research scientists, while some are as yet unaware that they were not always in the bodies they now inhabit. They make up a small but brilliant portion of today's society...

Strangers Among Us, Ruth Montgomery
pg. 15, 1984

Agree[The guides wrote:] Depending upon the condition of one's body and the readiness to depart, a few months at most are required by the Walk-in to study the akashic records of the departing soul, determine how to master the body, and understand the best ways for solving the dilemma in which the Walk-out has found himself.

Strangers Among Us, Ruth Montgomery
pg. 25, 1984

Agree...the Guides stressed that help from discarnates is required to make the substitution of one entity for another. They arrange receptive channels and vibratory levels, and tune into the receptive one to help arrange a peaceful substitution. They are insurance policies, so to speak, against a takeover by the wrong entity or by one whose vibrations are of a different wavelength than the one who wishes from his body. Theirs is a skilled operation, as you might phrase it. They are specialists in their work, and highly evolved.

Strangers Among Us, Ruth Montgomery
pg. 45, 1984

AgreeNot once, in all my years of working with subjects in regression, have I ever had a walk-in soul...To give another soul permission to come in and take over your karmic life plan defeats their whole purpose of your coming to Earth in the first place!

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. , 2003

AgreeCan a soul vacate its adult body so another soul can walk in? ....So what did our sources make of this issue? They were, once again, unanimous that walk-ins do not take place....The soul has chosen that body, and it couldn't leave without the body dying as well. The bond between soul and body is too strong, and this would have the potential to destroy the body. What would be the purpose of that? A soul can only join while the baby is in the womb, and it takes the full time in the womb to make the connections between the soul and the body. So it cannot be done at any other time. And if a soul walks out, the body dies.

The Wisdom of the Soul: Profound Insights from the Life between Lives, Ian Lawton
pg. , 2007

AgreeThe probing by the soul begins gently, carefully following the neurotransmitters of the brain while matching their own energy vibrations with the mind of the baby. Just imagine the shock to the adult human mind for one soul to substitute the energy of its immortal character for another in mid-life. I believe this would lead to either insanity or death.

Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, Michael Newton
pg. , 2004 Source

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