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Life on Earth

Divisions and unions of spirit souls Agree: 11 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsAll spirit souls are part of a larger entity. Every creation is part of the Creator. Whether it be earth beings or other universal beings, you are all part of one Creator and in essence you are all one. You come to understand this as you become a spirit soul and have a greater knowledge of what that means than you do as individual beings on earth and in other universal worlds.

AgreeThere is no such simple end to the life that you know, [such] as the story of heaven. There is the freedom to understand your own reality, to develop your abilities further, and to feel more deeply the nature of your own existence as a part of All That Is.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 169, 1994

AgreeAt first, in your terms, all of probable reality existed as nebulous dreams within the consciousness of All That Is. Later, the unspecific nature of these 'dreams' grew more particular and vivid. The dreams became recognizable one from the other until they drew the conscious notice of All That Is. And with curiosity and yearning, All That Is paid more attention to Its own dreams. It then purposely gave them more and more detail, and yearned toward this diversity and grew to love that which was not yet separate from itself. It gave consciousness and imagination to personalities while they still were but within Its dreams. They also yearned to be actual. Potential individuals, in your terms, had consciousness before the beginning or any beginning as you know it, then.. They clamored to be released into actuality, and All That Is, in unspeakable sympathy sought within Itself for the means. In Its massive imagination, It understood the cosmic multiplication of consciousness that could not occur within that framework. Actuality was necessary if these probabilities were to be given birth. All That Is saw, then, an infinity of probably, conscious individuals, and foresaw all possible developments, but they were locked within It until It found the means. This was in your terms a primary cosmic dilemma, and one with which It wrestled until All That Is was completely involved and enveloped within that cosmic problem. Had It not solved it, All That Is would have faced insanity, and there would have been, literally, a reality without reason and a universe run wild. The pressure came from two sources: from the conscious but still probably individual selves who found themselves alive in a God's dream, and from the God who yearned to release them. On the other hand, you could say that the pressure existed simply on the part of the God since the creation existed within Its dream, but such tremendous power resides in such primary pyramid gestalts that even their dreams are endowed with vitality and reality. This, then, is the dilemma of any primary pyramid gestalt: It creates reality. It also recognized within each consciousness the massive potential that existed. The means, then, came to It. It must release the creatures and probabilities from Its dream. To do so would give them actuality. However, it also meant 'losing' a portion of Its own consciousness, for it was within that portion that they were held in bondage. All That Is had to let go. While It thought of these individuals as Its creations, It held them as a part of Itself and refused them actuality. To let them go was to 'lose' that portion of Itself that had created them. Already It could scarcely keep up with the myriad probabilities that began to emerge from each separate consciousness. With love and longing It let go that portion of Itself, and they were free. The psychic energy exploded in a flash of creation. All That Is, therefore, 'lost' a portion of Itself in that creative endeavor. All That Is loves all that Its has created down to the least, for It realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each consciousness which has been wrest from such a state and at such a price. It is triumphant and joyful at each development taken by each consciousness, for this is an added triumph against that first state, and It revels and takes joy in the slightest creative act of each of Its issues. It, of Itself, and from that state, has given life to infinities of possibilities. From its agony, It found the way to burst forth in freedom, through expression, and in so doing gave existence to individualized consciousness. Therefore is It rightfully jubilant. Yet all individuals remember their source, and now dream of All That Is as All That Is once dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense source... and yearn to set It free and give It actuality through their own creations. The motivating force is still All That Is, but individuality is no illusion. Now in the same way do you give freedom to the personality fragments within your own dreams and for the same reason. And you create for the same reason, and within each of you is the memory of that primal agony-that urge to create and free all probably consciousness into actuality. I have been sent to help you, and others have been sent through the centuries of your time, for as you develop you also form new dimensions, and you will help others. These connections between you and All That Is can never be severed, and Its awareness is so delicate and focused that Its attention is indeed directed with a prime creator's love to each consciousness.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 242-244, 2001

AgreeSeth's Concept of God: He is not human in your terms, though he passed through human stages and here the Buddhist myth comes closest to approximating reality. He is not individual, but an energy gestalt...the way in which the universe expands, that it has nothing to do with space...a psychic pyramid of interrelated, ever-expanding consciousness that creates, simultaneously and instantaneously, universes and individuals that are given-through the gifts of personal perspective-duration, psychic comprehension, intelligence, and eternal validity. This absolute, ever-expanding, instantaneous psychic gestalt, which you may call God if you prefer, is so secure in its existence that it can constantly break itself down and rebuild itself. Its energy is so unbelievable that it does indeed form all universes and because its energy is within and behind all universes, systems, and fields, it is indeed aware of each sparrow that falls, for it is each sparrow that falls.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 237-238, 2001 Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsThere is an essence of all of your past incarnations that remains in the spirit world. It is not an entity that is living, experiencing, and growing but it is the essence of all that you have ever been, waiting for your spirit soul to return to it.

AgreeThose souls who are currently incarnated in one or more bodies at the moment may not be actively engaged with welcoming anybody back...radiate a dim light with low pulsating energy patterns and don't seem to communicate much with anyone.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 85, 1996

AgreeThe energy of the soul is able to divide into identical parts, similar to a hologram. It may live parallel lives in other bodies although this is much less common than we read about. However, because of the dual capability of all souls, part of our light energy always remains behind in the spirit world.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 2, 2003

Agree...all souls who come to Earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world, even those living parallel lives in more than one body...if someone you loved died thirty years ahead of you and has since reincarnated, you can still see them again upon your own return to the spirit world.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 116, 2003

AgreeQuestion to [Valerie's] Higher Self: In some instances, I've heard references to specific energies being placed by the soul in the personality. Is this part of the way in which personalities are constructed? Ans: Yes.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 231, 2007 Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsWhen there are multiple births it is because the bonding for these two multiple souls upon earth is going to make a bond beyond your normal recognition and understanding of a connection with another individual. This connection remains even if one twin crosses over. Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsOftentimes there are unknown individuals upon earth that you feel are someone you would like to know, or you feel a connection with. Somehow you know that person and you will feel that that person has been in your life before but it does not have to be in the love/ soulmate context that most people on earth think of. There are those of you who have been together through many past lives and you on earth would call these soulmates.

AgreeSecondary groups of souls are arranged in the form of a community support group which is much less initimate with one another. Larger secondary groups of entities are made up of giant sets of primary clusters as lily pads in one pond. I have never heard of a secondary group estimated at less than a thousand souls.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 87-88, 1996

AgreeThe issue of how to find soulmates and other important people in their lives is of paramount concern with many clients who come to me seeking hypnotic regression. Eventually, most of my subjects answer their own questions in superconsciousness because finding these souls was an integral part of their preparations for leaving the spirit world.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 249, 1996

AgreeOver many years of exposure to souls in the spirit world I have developed a means of classifying soulmates. I find the positions of souls within one of three categories bears upon their relationship to us in the drama of life. Primary Soulmates--A primary, or principal soulmate is frequently in our life as a closely bonded partner. This partnership may be our spouse, brother or sister, a best friend, or occasionally a parent.....Companion Soulmates--Our primary soulmate is our eternal partner but we have other souls in our primary cluster group who can be called soulmates. Essentially, they are our soul companions....Affiliated Souls--There are certain affiliated souls in other groups who are selected to work with us who we come to know over many lives, while others may only cross our path briefly. Quite often our parents come from one of these nearby cluster groups.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 263-264, 2003

AgreeOn an unconscious basis, you are aware of the birth into physical life of someone you have known in the past. The strangers that you meet in your dreams are often, of course, people now alive - contemporaries - that you have also known in past lives.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 182, 1994 Source

The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organized or regulated. It isn't true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.

—Ram Dass