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Life on Earth

Variations in spirit guide communications Agree: 2 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsMessages sent by spirit guides are often modified by the ego and personality of the individual receiving these messages.

AgreeBased on my practice, I am convinced that everyone on this planet has a personal spiritual guide. Spirit guides speak to our inner mind if we are receptive. While some guides are more easily reached than others, each of us has the ability to call upon and be heard by these guides.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 400, 2003

AgreeI would make clear the nature and conditions in which I now have my existence, and explain some of the reasons for the often contradictory statements made concerning life after death- statements received by various mediums in which quite different pictures of afterlife reality are received... There must be some sort of psychological structure present for me to use during my communications. Now whether or not a medium is in a trance that is as deep as the Atlantic Ocean, the medium will not be a pure channel. The ego simply will be bypassed, but the other layers of the self, and the neurological structures particularly, will continue to operate as always. They will be altered by the perceptions that pass through them. He went on to say that vocal communication is not the rule. It is not used by more advanced entities nor by less developed ones than ourselves. In order to make sense to our three-dimensional selves, information must be squeezed through - and this in itself causes some distortion. Information can rarely flow like crystal-clear water, with the medium [as] a faucet to be turned off and on at will. It must be sifted through the layers of the medium's personality. The nervous system reacts to the data even as it translates it. Nothing is neutral in those terms. The information is received and translated, as it must be, into mechanisms which the nervous system can handle and interpret. Like any perception, the information then becomes a part of the nervous system's structure. It cannot be otherwise. Any perception instantly alters the electromagnetic and neurological systems of the perceiver. In your terms this is what a perception is: an alteration of neurological structure. The receiving mechanisms themselves change, and are changed by that which they perceive... It is a logical contradiction to imagine, with your physical structures, that any perception can be received without the perceiver's inner situation being altered...information automatically blends with, is intermingled with, and enmeshed with, the entire physically valid structure of the personality. Any perception is action and it changes that upon which it acts, and in so doing, it is itself changed.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 273-274, 2001 Source

Be near me when my light is low... And all the wheels of being slow.

—Alfred Lord Tennyson