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Death Experience for Children

Reasons for miscarriages Agree: 2 divider Disagree: 0


Both Agreements and DisagreementsA miscarriage will often occur when the arriving spirit realizes that it was just too soon for it to reincarnate and that it could not handle the experiences it would be having. It may feel terrible emotional struggles the mother is going through, feeling them through the mother, and realizes that this would not be the time for it to be here, not only for itself but for the mother in that family as well.

AgreeQuestion 345: Is the union between the spirit and the body final from the moment of conception? Could the spirit, during the early stages of union, suddently refuse to animate the body? Answer: The union is definitive in one sense no other spirit can replace the one who has been chosen to inhabit that particular body. But, since the link that holds the two together is weak at first, it is easily broken and may be severed if the spirit wills it-that is, if it draws back from the trial. In that case, the child dies.

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 158, 2003

AgreeMany natural abortions are caused when the new personality is having difficulty constructing the new form, projects to others for advice, and is advised not to return.

The Seth Material, Jane Roberts
pg. 290, 2001 Source

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