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Transformation from Human to Spirit

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsThose spirits who do not cross over after they have had a physical death on earth are oftentimes spirits who have died from trauma and in anger. They are often within an environment trying to still find themselves and will make their presence known many times to the living, thinking that they are still a part of the living, and to continue on their path of fulfilling the needs the anger is driving them through. There are other occasions where spirits of like minds can be found in one earth location and can even have a sense of camaraderie.

Agree...our guides do not compel or coerce us to move into the spirit world if our unfinished business is so overpowering that we do not want to leave Earth's astral plane....Discarnates don't have a linear clock in their heads so staying behind for days, months, or years doesn't have the same relevance as with incarnates.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 55, 2003

AgreeThe ghost's confusion lies in the obsessive attachment they have to places, people and events where they can't let go. These actions of self-displacement are voluntary but special guides, called Redeemer Masters, constantly watch for signs that the known disturbed spirits are ready to exit.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 55, 2003

AgreeThere are obviously as many kinds of ghosts and apparitions as there are people. They are alert or as unalert to their situation as you are to your own. They are not fully focused in physical reality, however, either in personality or in form, and this is their main distinction. Some apparitions are thought-forms sent by survival personalities out of lingering deep anxiety. They portray the same compulsive-type behavior that can be seen in many instances in your ordinary experience...For various reasons, such a personality has not learned to assimulate its own experience. The characteristics of such apparitions follow those of a disturbed personality - with some exceptions, however. The whole consciousness is not present...The personality itself is 'safe and sound', but certain portions of it work out unresolved problems, and discharge energy in such a fashion. They are in themselves quite harmless.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 144-145, 1994

Agree'Lancelot', who died aged eight, like Mr. Potter's communicator (p.22) and a 'Guide' (p.31) contrasted natural with enforced death. He said, "Those who want to take their bodies with them" [adding that this applies to "people who are suddenly killed when they are quite well", as well as to those who have lived "earthly lives"] tend to become "earth-spirits" immediately after death-"They can't get away from the body". He explained, "People give out a sort of fluid-stuff called ectoplasm [from the 'vehicle of vitality'] and they make a shape of it that is like their earth-form; they don't want it when they learn to do without it, so they often leave it off almost at once [=they shed the vehicle of vitality] and it goes on in the place where they left it going on, doing over and over again what they last did with it: it isn't anything to matter because it is only ectoplasm, a sort of matter-thing [a 'ghost'. 'wraith', or 'astral shell'] and not anything of mind in it at all. 'Lancelot' then contrasted this 'earthbound', or 'Hades', state with that produced by natural death: he said, "They just go to sleep; they are so glad to be free when they awake. (Letters from Lancelot, Dunstan, 1931, pg 75)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 28, 1974

Agree[Denise to her friend Kelly] "Your mother is here, but first before we speak with her there is someone else here too. I cannot get around him so I would like to try and identify him and bring him through first...He is very insistent. He is a young man and good looking from what I can tell, with dark hair and my guess looks to be around twenty-two or twenty-four. He is just very clear to is almost like I am looking at him through static, like a TV screen. He is very upset and is telling me he was shot. Do you know who this is? He is still earthbound and has not crossed over yet like your mom has, he is here, standing right there...I feel like he has not been passed long, maybe a few weeks...He says his name is Walt...Walter?" [Neither could remember who he was]. He then vanished and I was able to move on to her mother. [week later]...William walked in..."Hey William, what's up? Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while"...What he told me next was not something that I was at all prepared to hear..."well I have been out of town for awhile and I just got back this week. I have been in New York. Walter's (24 year old son) funeral was last week."..William turned and walked to the door...It was all making sense now, all coming back to me-the reading with Kelly and Walter (week before). He was trying to come through to Kelly and me. He knew I was going to see his dad and he wanted to get a message through to him. The lights flickering in the house, the light bulb exploding, the computers turning on and off, my feelings of being depressed, sad and overwhelmed all week, the nausea - it all made sense now. He was trying to get through to me and he was still earthbound, he had not yet crossed over.

The Messenger, Denise Lescano
pg. pgs. 96-98, 2014

AgreeWalter was the first earthbound spirit that I had seen and spoke with...Until this point, I had only connected with spirits who were crossed over and on the spirit side of life, but Walter was still here in the physical world. He was sad, scared and distraught so his energy level was very low and on a very low frequency which explained why I was having a hard time getting a clear picture of him and why he seemed to be in "static"...His presence in my home all week and the intensity of his emotional state had been draining my own energy to the point of making me physically ill...I went home, focused and sat down to talk to Walter...Walter was very sad and feeling bad about the decision he had made....Something went wrong with the deal and he was shot in the street at point blank range...He could not get over what he had done to his parents, now that he could see how much they were suffering. He wanted to talk with his dad to tell him all the things he was telling me...

The Messenger, Denise Lescano
pg. pg. 99, 2014 Source

That which is part of our souls is eternal. . . Those lives are countless, but the soul or spirit that animates us throughout these myriads of existences is the same;

—Helena Blavatsky